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Ultrasounds early paternity dating accuracy

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But we can say that the pregnancy had to occur during that range of dates, as above. I see....you explain to me why in ur medical opinion vs the other doctors why they say two weeks are to close....If u don't mind googling health tap ultrasound paternity...Could the birth control not have worked in Jan, the embryo lived through the withdrawal bleeding, and the fetus has continued to measure small throughout the pregnancy? According to this period date, the most likely date of conception would be around 14 days after the period, that is around the 19th of February.

Due to having wavering periods, I never really keep track, and therefore I don't know when my last period was.I can give an "estimate" but I really don't know because I never keep track.(Plus I have always been told that because of metabolic issues, and PCOS that it would be very hard for me to get pregnant).So we know when conception had to occur, within a certain range.If there were more than one man involved during that range, we couldn't differentiate the two.I didn't think anything of it, because I am almost 38, and this has never happened to me before.