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Updating green card

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We're thinking of moving back to Canada, and I'm wondering if the rules for maintaining a green card are any different because I'm married to a US citizen? Also she sent in her US citizenship application a couple of months ago.FYI: Canada's equivalent to the green card, for example, allows you to maintain it even when you move outside the country provided you remain married to a Canadian citizen. Recently there has been "rumors" that she has to change her green card to a newer one or lose her residency? How does this affect her, if in fact she needs to update her green card.Contact your country’s consulate or embassy in the US for further information.It is vital to keep your proof of permanent residence in the United States current and up-to-date.

It is particularly important because a name change requires the Green Card to be replaced and updated.

In addition, violating the law isn't limited to criminal offenses.

You may be deported even for civil offenses that require no jail time.

When you apply for permanent residence, there are places on the USCIS forms to indicate both your current name (in your case, your married name) plus any names previously used (for you, your maiden name).

Then the immigration authorities will process your case and issue the green card in your married name.