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Updating instances

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The following template snippet shows the metadata that describes the packages and files to install, in this case the Apache Web Server and the PHP infrastructure from the Yum repository for the Amazon Linux AMI.The snippet also shows the Services section, which ensures that the Apache Web Server is running.

Both of these approaches require significant manual steps throughout the process.A managed instance group contains one or more virtual machine instances that are controlled using an instance template.To update instances in a managed instance group, you can make update requests to the group as a whole, using the Managed Instance Group Updater feature.Close the window and resave the drawing to record the modifications" This has been a long term request.You can edit a master in a Visio file and all shapes within the file are updated.To update a service instance and set the count of nodes for running in high-availability mode, run: $ cf service service-registry Service instance: service-registry Service: p-service-registry Bound apps: Tags: Plan: standard Description: Service Registry for Spring Cloud Applications Documentation url: Dashboard: https://wise.com/dashboard/p-service-registry/57ce88c1-6bd9-4224-b855-b4600e8e0f39 Last Operation Status: update succeeded Message: Started: 2016-06-28TZ Updated: 2016-06-28TZ The service instance is now updated and ready to be used.