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Recurring Schedule: Weekly Job Title: Cell Storage User Data Deletion Job Job Description: Deletes user data that is stored as cell storage.This job should only be run only if the SQL Server database Server is running out of disk space.We are in the process of combining the Share Point Server 2013 and Share Point Server 2016 content into a single content set.We appreciate your patience while we reorganize things.[warning_box]Important: This job can cause user data loss and does not run automatically by default.[/warning_box] Recurring Schedule: Monthly Job Title: Change Log Job Description: Documents changes to sites and pages in a Web application since the last time that the timer job was run.Recurring Schedule: Daily Job Title: Config Refresh Job Description: Checks the configuration database for configuration changes.Also note that v2.8 (or later) provides the best install experience on 2010 More details (taken from readme) Reparenting of objects such as webs and lists is possible with the following usage on the import: - enter the URL for the target web in the ' Import web URL' textbox - ensure ' Retain object IDs and locations' is not checked The Content Migration API (PRIME) is used to package the content as a file, which can be copied to another server for import.The application MUST be run from the Share Point server(s), and MUST be run under the context of an account which has appropriate Share Point permissions - currently the way to specify an alternative user to the currently-logged on user is by using the ' Run as..' feature in Windows 2003 (right-click on the and select ' Run as..').

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Recurring Schedule: Monthly Job Title: Cell Storage Data Cleanup Timer Job Job Description: Deletes temporary cell storage data and frees SQL Server disk space.

I’m often asked for a list of the IDs of the most common Base Types, List Definitions and Content Types.

Especially useful if you’re writing CAML definitions of Lists, List Instances, or Content Types. These Base Types come from the SPBase Type enumeration.

This article describes the default timer jobs for Share Point 2013.

A timer job runs in a specific Windows service for Share Point 2013.