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Validating file upload control

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package com.mkyong.exception; import org.bind.annotation. @Post Mapping("/upload Multi") public String multi File Upload(@Request Param("files") Multipart File[] files, Redirect Attributes redirect Attributes) @Get Mapping("/upload Multi Page") public String upload Multi Page() //... You should use php's exif_imagetype or getimagesize function to check details / type of your image.

Although mime-types can also be tricked (edit the first few bytes of a file and modify the magic numbers) but it's harder than editing a filename.

if you are dealing with a video file then replace the image check with a video check in the if block..

have fun $_FILES['field_name']['type'] is a user defined and therefore should not be relied upon for validation.

String Joiner; @Controller public class Upload Controller //...

Redirect Attributes; @Controller Advice public class Global Exception Handler project $ mvn jetty:run //...