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Vtp domain currently not in updating state

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The information learned by the client switch is not stored in NVRAM.

If the client switch is rebooted, the switch must dynamically learn all the VLAN information again from a VTP server.

A switch in transparent mode with a higher configuration revision number than the existing VTP server updates all VLAN information throughout the VTP domain.

To reset a configuration revision number, the switch configuration must be saved and the switch reloaded.

Extended-range VLANs are supported only in VTP version 3.

This ties in some to the security measures, we don't necessarily want to participate in the neighbor's VTP process, so don't make assumptions. SW1(config)#vtp mode server Setting device to VTP Server mode for VLANS.

SW1(config)#vtp domain CCIE Changing VTP domain name from NULL to CCIE *Mar 1 .638: %SW_VLAN-6-VTP_DOMAIN_NAME_CHG: VTP domain name changed to CCIE. SW1(config)#vlan 100 VTP VLAN configuration not allowed when device is not the primary server for vlan database.

It should be noted that any VLAN created on a switch is in an inactive state until VTP is configured.

A collection of switches that are under the same administrative control and will support the same range of configured VLANs are said to be in the same .