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This is without a doubt the single greatest TV show of all time!!!

If you have never seen it before I think you should give it a try.

I think my favorite moment is when Dee and Charlie go to the morgue to see if they're cannibals, and suddenly get concerned about being racists because they don't want to eat the black guy. Just two single guys hanging out." or when he pulls out the child pornography he made and "keeps saying this is art" on live tv. I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with Danny Devito coming on board. He really taught them a lot and the show is a million times better for it. How they even got a show is a testament to their dedication to what they want to do.

Meanwhile Dee, after accompanying Mac to a gay bar, accidentally takes a hallucinogen and starts having flash-backs to her traumatic childhood.

[2] When Frank accidentally hits Dennis' car, it's a real tragedy: Dennis spills his cereal all over himself.

I can count the number of times I've laughed that hard on one hand. But when you watch the show (from the first episode) you can tell they didn't know what they were doing and after Danny Devito starts showing up the show is suddenly an unstoppable comedy machine.

I've watched Sunny almost daily for the last three years or so. At a certain point in the show it never stops being funny.