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Punching, shoving, slapping, hair pull & throwing things are also comes under physical violence.

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BONUS VIOLENCE TO HORSES: one horse stabbed, one horse’s leg scythed off, two horses charred by Drogon’s spicy breath. If you’re new to this column, I only count specific, obvious deaths.

Cersei paid back the Iron Bank of Braavos in one installment—thanks to the bank of Lady Olenna, whom she had killed last episode.This is after Cersei gained an advantage over Dany in the previous two episodes.“Enough with the clever plans,” said Dany this episode, dispensing with the war room plan she had devised with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and thrusting herself straight onto the battlefield.Please respect these boundaries should you choose to participate in the comments section.Aside from a wildly fun and ultimately harmless sparring session between Brienne and Arya, the entirety of this episode’s violence came during an epic 11-minute battle between the Lannister army and a Dothraki horde supported by Daenerys riding a fire-breathing dragon, resulting in 35 deaths by human hand (or horse), plus an additional 50 deaths by dragonfire (more on this in the (deep inhale) Six Lannisters trampled by horses; two Dothrakis speared; seven Lannister throat geysers; four men killed by arrows; four men killed by Jaime and Bronn each; seven additional killings by sword or (that’s the Dothraki scythe-like weapon); one Dothraki impaled by giant crossbow (one of Bronn’s four kills); one guy run over by a horse while he was on fire.Actually, he’s changed me the last couple of years we’ve been hanging out because he is such a good guy.