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What is likely to be the end of Peyton Manning’s football career is being accompanied by unsavory off-the-field headlines concerning alleged use of HGH and, now, the details of a decades-old sexual assault that allegedly occurred when he was a student at the University of Tennessee.

Manning is among athletes named in a lawsuit filed last week by six former female students that alleges that Tennessee violated Title IX by treating assaults by student-athletes nonchalantly and creating a hostile work environment.

Today it’s all about Peyton Manning’s wife and their kids, let’s check out this family of four to get a feel of what they are all about.

The document, titled “Facts of the Case: Filed in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment” and filed in a Polk County, Fla., court by plaintiff’s lawyers, alleges that Manning and his father, former NFL quarterback Archie Manning, sought to cover up the matter and smear the alleged victim.

Although the document was obtained and reported on by USA Today in 2003, it has only recently resurfaced.

(Or, likely, a claim dating back 20 years accusing Manning of sexually assaulting a trainer at the University of Tennessee, the legitimacy of which has come into question over the past few weeks.)We won’t remember the wounded ducks, the interceptions, the battering and the booing and the benching he suffered through during the last of his 18 NFL seasons. We’ll remember his stunning revitalization in Denver, from couldn't-throw-it-10-yards after his fourth neck surgery to 55 touchdowns two years later. The irony, at the end, was this: After carrying teams for years — and winning a world championship just once — this time, for his last hurrah, it was them carrying him. Eighteen years ago he arrived in Indianapolis with that aww-shucks smile and that slow-roasted Louisiana drawl, bursting with ambition and the work ethic to match. Or stop by his children’s hospital, where Manning's impact is still felt four years after the Colts released him, in countless stories seen and unseen, in the hope and comfort he provided patients facing the unimaginable. Past the Colts Grille (established 2011), past Manning’s old postgame pit stop (St.

We’ll remember the 49th touchdown to Brandon Stokley. His consistency with Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. The exorcising-the-demons triumph against the Patriots in January 2007. We'll remember that smile of satisfaction he wore after his last game — Super Bowl 50 — while he hoisted his twin four-year-olds in his arms, a look that screamed, "We won’t remember the early-career beatings in Foxborough or the playoff heartache that marred much of his prime. He finished 3-1 in AFC title games against his greatest foils, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. No quarterback threw for more yards (71,940) or more touchdowns (539) or won more games (200). Consider this: He made the Super Bowl four times with different head coaches. In Super Bowl 50, the Football Gods finally got it right. “Draft me, and we’ll win a championship,” he promised his future bosses. He always was more than a football player in Indianapolis. Elmo Steak House) and past all the restaurants and bars and hotels that have opened and thrived since he showed up and the Colts started winning.