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Hamm’s performance also helped make Mad Men, with its glamorous yet cold-eyed take on power, gender, and seduction, a standard-bearer of TV’s new golden age.

And although Hamm is a true Midwesterner who’s instinctively averse to boasting, he acknowledges being very proud of the show’s enduring resonance.

"The curiosity, the play, the imagination, the creativity, the exploration, and the focus on pleasure has been forgotten—replaced by sex at the same time, same positions," she explains. If the sex you’re having doesn’t feel worth having, then it's time to switch things up. Or, make one of these 10 moves you haven't made in bed yet—but should.

You’re Not Asking for What You Want "If you’re afraid to ask for what you want (e.g.

The number of women undergoing labiaplasty jumped 39 percent in the US from 2015 to 2016.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of ways to get sex outside of relationships now, thanks to technology.

Apps like Tinder allow men and women to hook up with multiple partners within hours of each other if they like.

I see it, and I f—ing weep.” VIDEO: Jon Hamm is an Excellent Driver Hamm and I are in the midst of a long, candid chat at a restaurant in the Hollywood Hills.

I’ve already assured him I won’t spend this entire story comparing and contrasting him with his stoic Mad Men alter ego, Don Draper, which is the main angle of pretty much every Jon Hamm profile ever written.