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Researchers investigating prostitutes' clientele have reported difficulty finding reliable data because of a scarcity of prior research, variations in sample sizes, and possible underreporting by survey respondents about their private sexual practices."Cambodian men are quite ready to admit that they seek the favours of prostitutes, even though they may be married and have two or three girlfriends on the side. For many Cambodian men, giving his friend a treat means taking him to a brothel.Men who decline such favours are looked upon as unusual, even abnormal.""...[L]ocal demand for prostitutes is estimated to contribute between 49 to 70 per cent of the demand for commercial sex in Cambodia.In recent years, there has been a reduction in rates of teen pregnancy, births, and abortions. Similarly there has been a drop off in the share of adolescents engaging in sexual activity. Four years later, conservative lawmakers secured an additional victory when Congress approved a third abstinence-only education program funded at million over two years through a set-aside in the maternal and child health block grant.Yet this major increase in federal funding occurred despite evidence that shows that more comprehensive sexuality education, rather than abstinence-only education, helps teenagers to delay sexual activity ("Fueled by Campaign Promises, Drive Intensifies to Boost Abstinence-Only Education Funds," TGR, April 2000, page 1).

The woman again interprets this as lack of sexual interest in her and further withdraws.

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If you want to closely examine the charts/pictures on this page but they are too small, click to view the version of this webpage containing (If you're looking for even more detail than is presented here, you may wish to examine a graphical analysis of shifts in various aspects of Ipswich's population over the last two decades.) If on the other hand you prefer less detail, you may wish to instead examine this display of Ipswich's total population over the last century.

It also occurred without clear pictures of either local sexuality education policies or the content of classroom instruction.

Several studies published within the past year fill in these gaps, highlighting a significant disparity between the inclinations of policymakers and the needs and desires of both students and parents (see box).